Seuua Daao, originally from Great Britain, started his journey with Muay Thai twenty-five years ago under the tutelage of Kru Yai John Steele and Grand Master Sken Kaewpadung.  

Immediately drawn to the sport, he quickly found himself on the shores of Thailand pursuing an unexplainable drive to learn as much as he can in the Art of Eight Limbs, “Muay Thai.”

As a full contact sport, Muay Thai is a journey of nonstop ups and downs. The constant punishment endured through the rigorous training results in a struggle for proper rest and recuperation.  In Thailand, a major aid in this pursuit comes in the form of a liquid liniment used by professional fighters and athletes like water. This liniment helps with an athlete’s warmups, keeping muscles limber while releasing tightness.

Seuua Daao’s workouts benefited from this liniment for years, but always felt it could be even more effective.  He refined a formula that would give all the benefits of the traditional Thai liniment yet would continue to aid post workout.  The new formula, “Sam Seuua Daao (Three Leopard Liniment),” added the natural power of Arnica and Turmeric to give an extra edge in preparation and performance while additionally reducing recovery time.

“Made by One Athlete for All Athletes”